Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Brew Weekend

I took off work Friday May 8th for a long weekend and brewed every day. Friday I brewed two beers a Belgian Blonde and an Apricot Blonde. The Apricot Blonde was just a standard recipe that I will either add some apricot puree in secondary or add some extract when I keg. I made one change to the Belgian recipe, instead of pale 2-row I used maris otter. These two beers are the first time I've made all grain blonde beers. I also mashed in at a lower temperature and my efficiency suffered. I normally get about 75% but the apricot was at 65% and the belgian was at 70%. I normally do a 30 min mash and for the belgian I went to 45 min and it helped.
Saturday I slacked off and only brewed one beer a Saison. This beer I extended my mash to 1 hour and I was back to my 75% efficiency.
Sunday I made an Imperial Honey Porter. The OG on this was 1.094 and I hope to get it down close to 1.015-1.020. I also made a lower gravity porter off the second runnings of the grains and that beer ended up with an OG of 1.024.

Here is a picture of my closet after I got all the beer fermenting.

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